Netezza Health & Life Sciences launches social media channel!

It’s an amazing day, the beginning of something great! Netezza Corporation’s (  (NYSE:NZ) new Health & Life Sciences division is launching our voice on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.  As the premier analysis engine for all healthcare oriented data, Netezza will be a leading voice in what is now possible as we move toward truly predictive drugs, care, and outcomes.

My friend and colleague Bill Zanine, our Business Solutions Executive for Health & Life Sciences, will be the broadcast presence for where technology meets science meets business in his blog Rx for Analytics.  Bill has spent years as feet on the street and in the elite ivory towers of global healthcare data vision, provision, and utilization.

Where will you find Netezza this year, next year, and beyond?

–        When insurance payers are trying to identify fraud and abuse to pass those savings on to you the consumer, and do it before the fraudster is paid, not after, you’ll find Netezza

–        When drug companies look to gene sequencing post-process analysis to identify which drugs your personalized medicine profile contraindicates, you’ll find Netezza

–        When providers want to query a centralized electronic health record for aggregate analytics on a vector, symptom, drug or outcome, you’ll find Netezza

–        When pharmaceuticals want to make smarter contracts, more effective distribution, and penetrate the opinion ‘cloud’ of influential doctors and academicians to get better drugs to you, you’ll find Netezza

We can make your doctor smarter.  We can make the next drug better.  We can make your insurance cheaper.  We can help them cure cancer faster.  Netezza can do all this.  Netezza can.